Love for cooking started after Dr. Mohindra got married. She found that her husband is foodie and he loves typical Punjabi food. Dr. Mohindra made her first dish for him He fell in love with her all over again when he tasted the first dish that she had made for him. Her mother was a very good cook so she got this art from genetics not with Practice/learning. She cooks because it is fun, it is challenging and it is a creative endeavor. She is a dancer, musician, and a writer so she added one more feather of art in her cap. A slice of creativity has not harmed anyone. Dr. Mohindra took her cooking passion to the next level and started her cooking Youtube channel “Spice Up With Madhvi” in September 2020. She loves traditional cooking, she has made clay stove (Chlaha) and Clay Tandoor in her backyard by her self and cook during the winters.